The Story Behind The Star-Spangled Banner

Short Introduction

The first minute of the film.

Introduction Part 2

Continuation of the introduction of the film. What were the events that led to the writing of this song? Why should Americans know about Francis Scott Key? How different is the song today?

Anthem Origins

This video offers an early preview of Anthem. Beginning with the origins of the Beef Steak Club in 1735 and leading to a later dining club in London, we explain the origins of the melody that became the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner.

USNA Glee Club

Filmed in historic Memorial Hall at the United States Naval Academy, the combined Men's and Women's Glee Club sings the 1971 J.B. Talley arrangement of our National Anthem. This performance is featured in the documentary film Anthem, produced by Make Your Mark Media.

Shannon & Chesapeake

In January of 2011, Make Your Mark Media began production on Anthem, a documentary about the history of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Music of the War of 1812. This video has footage from England and previews some of the content of the film.